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We strive to offer knowledgeable, friendly service and provide the finest quality jewelry at the best price. We guarantee our merchandise and repairs against defect in material. Although gemstones are among the most durable substances, even the hardest gemstone is vulnerable to breakage with a single well-placed blow. Opals, Pearls, Emeralds, and Tanzanite for example, require very delicate care. Some gemstones are porous and can absorb or sustain damage from chemicals like ammonia and cleaning products. Even hairspray, perfume, and cosmetics can cause damage over time. Items with an external finish may degrade over time due to exposure to perspiration and body oils. Remember, cleaning and inspection is always free at Akála Jewelry!
Gold: $1766.10 - Silver: $22.27 - Platinum: $937.00 as of: 12/3/2021  |  Click here for  LIVE PRICE
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