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Why Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance?

Your jewelry is as unique as you are. Just as every piece of jewelry you give as a gift is as unique as its recipient. Not all jewelry insurers recognize this. Jewelry is more than a commodity; it's one-of-a-kind. We offer jewelry protection to keep you connected to your special moments with the ones you love. We believe you deserve a professional, informative jewelry insurance experience as satisfying as the excitement you felt when you purchased or received your treasured keepsake.

Advantages of Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance by Jewelers Mutual

Customers come to Jewelers Mutual to insure their personal jewelry because we:
  • Offer worldwide coverage including jewelry loss, damage, theft, and mysterious disappearance.
  • Provide comprehensive jewelry coverage that goes beyond ordinary homeowners insurance.
  • Allow you to choose your own jeweler (other insurers make you work with theirs).
  • Hire licensed insurance agents as customer service representatives who have the knowledge and power to help you.
  • Answer every call personally.
  • Specialize exclusively in jewelry insurance.
  • Employ Graduate Gemologists (GIA)

    GIA exists to protect all purchasers of gemstones, by providing the education, laboratory services, research, and instruments needed to accurately and objectively determine gemstone quality. They also provide the Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) diploma, earned by a comprehensive study in gem identification, which many members of our team have earned.
    on staff. Protecting jewelry is our specialty and our passion.
  • Offer valuable jewelry care and protection tips for your jewelry at home and while traveling anywhere in the world.
  • Are a mutual company owned by policyholders. We answer to our policyholders, not stockholders.
  • Have been in business for nearly 100 years.
Jewelry is all we do

Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company is jewelry insurance by experts. Rather than a conventional insurance company that adds jewelry as a rider or add-on, Jewelers Mutual has specialized in insuring jewelry and jewelry businesses since 1913. The difference in how we approach and deliver every aspect of service is as significant as it is valuable to our customers - from appraisal to coverage to claims to replacement and beyond, we make it our mission to protect and maintain the value of each unique piece.

Other coverage stops short

Homeowners and renters insurance is good for covering average items found in a home. But your jewelry is hardly average. It requires specific knowledge and special care to be properly insured. This is why the Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance covers jewelry insurance claims that homeowners or renters insurance may not. We go beyond to provide comprehensive coverage for your most treasured jewelry.

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